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Beijing Grinder Instrument Co. ,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise and a professional laboratory manufacturer.


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Twister TW100

The cyclone mill TW100 is especially designed for food and feed sample preparation. It is suitable for various analytical techniques, such as NIR near infrared spectroscopy, Kjeldahl nitrogen determination, fiber determination and solvent extraction. The special design of the rotary knife, grinding cavity and grinding screen not only ensures the sample is not affected by the heat so as to guarantee the grinding effect, but also makes the cleaning quick and convenient.





Ultra Centrifuge Mill FM200

Ultra Centrifugal Mill FM200 applies to a wide range of samples. Based on its high efficiency grinding technology and rich accessories, with secondary grinding of rotating knife – ring screen system ,it can process dry grinding and frozen ground in a very short time for the soft, hard, brittle, fibrous samples.





 Cutting Mill

Multi-functional Cutting CM 100M, which is a unique product from Grinder. It is suitable for various soft, tough, fibrous and hard dry samples. It can be used for batch processing and continuous coarse crushing and fine crushing.

M1 cutting type, which handles fibrous, tough materials, such as tobacco, leather, circuit boards and so on;

M2 cross beater type, which can deal with the mid-hard, brittle materials (hardness no more than 6Mohs), such as slag, coke, soil and so on;

M3 rotor beater type, which can handle soft, food samples, such as cereals, feed and chemicals.

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