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BOC Sciences specializes in small molecules synthesis, biosynthesis, purification and characterization. We have been supplying high quality products for our esteemed customers in academia, pharmaceuticals, biotech, CDMO, material sciences and agriculture industry to support their research and production needs. We work closely with our synthetic laboratories, fermentation labs, OEM and global partners and proudly offer a full range of product portfolio.

As a leading supplier in chemical, life sciences and pharmaceutical industry, we are committed to provide high quality products to meet the requirements of customers application and regulatory purpose.

We continuously improve our QC management level by establishing a scientific, effective and risk-based corrective and preventive measures system.

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Small-molecule inhibitors are a well-established class of potential useful drugs. We have more than 5000 inhibitors in stock and keep expanding the library with new inhibitors.

  • Building Blocks and Intermediates

BOC Sciences provides a broad list of high quality building blocks/intermediates and customizes the product specification based on the application and special requirements.

BOC Sciences offers > 10,000 pharmaceutical impurities, degradants and metabolites, for > 1,700 API species from stock to help streamline your drug discovery.

BOC Sciences offers > 5,000 isotope labeled products in various categories, sourced globally. We provide adequate analysis on the labeled products for purity and isotopic purity and we could offer upgrade services via either further purification or additional analytical services.

BOC Sciences is currently the biggest manufacturer of PseudoUridine and N1-methylpseudoUridine on the market. We offer high quality research grade nucleotides and nucleosides derivatives as well as phosphoramidite and have powerful capabilities to supply them in commercial and GMP grade.

BOC Sciences is dedicated to provide our customers with top qualified carbohydrates including Monosaccharide, Oligosaccharides, Polysaccharides, Sugar Nucleotides, Building blocks and Reagents for Supported Synthesis. We offer products with simple structures and a range of protected intermediates, rare sugars, unnatural nucleotide sugars that range from milligram to kilogram scale.


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