La-pha-pack - Vial and Closure


A complete range of consumables for HPLC, GC and Headspace analysis.

This comprises vials, septa, seals, filters, crimpers, and other accessories.

Besides all standard items for almost all common instruments in the chromatography market.

La-pha-pack – Vial and Closure

Part of Thermo Fisher Scientific

La-Pha-Pack founded in 1990 as a Private Limited Company.
One of the leading manufacturers and distributors for chromatography accessories.

Usage of only high quality raw materials

Cost-effective, state-of-the-art production technology

Product safety achieved by:

  • Opto-electronic control of each manufactured vial and each assembled closure.
  • Additional in-process controls as well as an end control according DIN-/ISO standards.
  • High hygienic standards (cleanroom-packed vials, tamper-evident and re-closable packaging for vials and closures).
  • Innovative and market-orientated products that fulfill the high requirements of the modern chromatography instruments that are always getting more sensitive.

Short Thread ND9

The vials can be used on all common autosamplers due to their technical geometry, preferentially they are found on Agilent, HTA, Shimadzu, Thermo Scientific, Varian, Waters®, etc.

Short Thread Vials ND9, wide opening and Micro-Vials with Short Thread ND9

Micro-Inserts for Short Thread Vials ND9 with wide opening

PP Short Thread Cap blue, 6mm centre hole

Crimp Neck ND11

The vials are preferentially used on instruments of the following manufacturers: Agilent, Carlo Erba, CTC, DANI, Fisons, Gerstel, Jasco, PerkinElmer, Shimadzu, Spark, Thermo Scientific, Varian, etc.

Crimp Neck Vials ND11, wide opening and Micro-Vials with Crimp Neck ND11

Micro-Inserts for Crimp Neck Vials ND11 with wide opening

Aluminum Crimp Seals ND11

Snap Ring ND11

The vials are preferentially used on instruments of the following manufacturers: Agilent, CTC, DANI, Dionex, Jasco, Shimadzu, Spark, Thermo Scientific, Varian, VWR (Merck®)/Hitachi, Waters®, etc.

Snap Ring Vials ND11, wide opening


Plastic Snap Ring Micro-Vials ND11

Micro-Inserts for Snap Ring Vials ND11 with wide opening

PE Snap Ring Seals ND11
With PE Snap Ring Cap blue, 6mm centre hole, hard or soft version


Shell Vials

The vials are preferentially used on instruments of the following manufacturers: Alcott, Gilson, Shimadzu, Waters® (Wisp 96 respectively 48 Position Carousel)

Headspace ND20 (ND18)

Headspace Vials might differ in:

  • Volume (5ml, 10ml, 20ml)
  • Rounded or flat bottom
    A rounded bottom is more sturdy and thus more resistant to the high pressure within the vial during the heating process. Furthermore the vial slides more easily into the heating block when being transported by a magnet. A flat bottom might be necessary when vials have to run within the instrument on a slightly downwards tendency.
  • Bevelled top or flat DIN Crimp Neck/Screw Neck
    A bevelled top Headspace Neck might be required for some special closure systems (PerkinElmer), however, a liner has more surface to lie on with a flat DIN Crimp Neck. The more surface for the liner to rest on, the tighter the seal.
  • Length of the Neck (instrument specific)
  • Clear/Amber Glass
  • With/without label and filling lines
  • Upon request with a barcode label

Aluminum Crimp Seals ND20
Overview of the various crimp caps, which can be obtained with a broad variety of different liners!

Snap Cap Vials ND18 + ND22

  • Easy to handle and inexpensive storage
    vials with push-on Snap Caps

  • Different volumes of 5ml, 10ml, 15ml and 25ml available

  • Caps and Vials separately obtainable

  • Quickly and easily to reopen and reseal

  • No liners are required in the cap

  • For storage of powders and solids

Screw Neck Vials ND24 (EPA)

The vials are preferentially used on instruments of the following manufacturers: Agilent, Dionex, Shimadzu, Tekmar, Thermo Scientific, Varian

  • All types of EPA Vials can be delivered against a small surcharge with a certificate of cleanliness that might especially be needed for TOC analysis.A copy of our certificate of cleanliness is shown under the point “Technical Information” on our website.

  • EPA Vials can be obtained with any type of Screw Seal
    ND24 already screwed on

  • Broad range of EPA Vials in clear and amber glass.

  • Volumes of 20ml, 30ml, 40ml and 60ml available.



Standard, Certified and High Performance 96 and 384 Position Block Systems

HPLC certified Plastic Disposable Syringes with Luer Lock and Luer Slip

HPLC certified, non sterile disposable syringes made of solvent robust polypropylene for all syringe filter applications
Each manufactured batch is HPLC controlled and supplied with an appropriate certificate upon request.

  • Syringes manufactured according to ISO 13485 (Medical devices).
  • Luer Lock manufactured according to ISO 594-2/DIN EN 1707.
  • Luer Slip manufactured according to ISO 594-1/DIN EN 20594-1.
  • Free of latex, free of plasticizers, free of PVC.
  • Two-part, all-plastic construction made of a chemically resistant, inert polypropylene.
  • No rubber plunger seals or silicone lubricants that may cause sample contamination.
  • Safe functional back-stop feature.
  • Easy to read permanent graduations.
  • All Luer Lock syringes have centered tips.
  • Available with Luer Lock and Luer Slip connections.

Plastic Disposable Syringes with Luer Lock

Plastic Disposable Syringes with Luer Slip

Vial Racks and Storage Boxes

Crimping Tools

  • Easy and convenient handling.

  • Chemically resistant surface finish especially designed for the application in labs.

  • Hardened crimping jaws made of a special alloy that guarantees long life.

  • Adjustable in crimping pressure limitation  by a screw in the handle.

  • Additionally 11mm, 13mm and 20mm crimpers are adjustable in crimping height by
    screwing up or down the pressure block in the  crimping head with a hexagon key.

  • Repair Service for crimping tools made by La-Pha-Pack.

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