Rocker - Magnetic Filter Holder


Rocker - Magnetic Filter Holder



Magnetic Filter Holder

MF series


Rocker MF Magnetic Filter Holder - One to Many



Compatible with various kinds of bottle, vacuum flask with or without side arm to collect filtrate directly

Easy to use:

Strong magnetic seal allows one-handed operation, prevents possible twisting and tearing of the membrane. Membrane guide on the base helps position membrane easily


PES (Polyether sulfone) construction, resistant to a wide range of chemicals and high temperature, sturdy and unbreakable


Withstands numerous autoclave cycles (121℃, 15 minutes), save money and energy consumption



Wow! This receiver flask is multifunctional

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Multi-Branch Filtration system

Multi-Branch Filtration system are designed for a large number of samples filtration on microbiology test and suspended solid test. Each system includes vacuum pump, manifold, burner, waste bottle and filter.

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